Mid-Course Correction

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here, and I’m not sure if anyone is even reading this blog. But that’s ok! The blog portion of this site is where I pontificate, emote, and occasionally spew. Or think of it as inspire, instruct, and motivate.

Anyway….I’ve moved from Meridian, Idaho, to Greenville, South Carolina. What precipitated this somewhat sudden adjustment were a variety of things, paramount of those being no work.

Between us, my wife and I applied for nearly 50 different jobs. I went after mainly video production opportunities, and she after teaching and copy editing positions. There were several other jobs that had nothing to do with either of our backgrounds as well: jobs with Costco, Kohls, Lowe’s, Trader Joes, and Amazon. Suffice to say, none of these jobs came through, with the exception of Kohls and Amazon. Both of these jobs paid $10 and $15 per hour, respectively. Of the other jobs we applied for, none topped $20 an hour. And none hired us.

For myself, 25+ years of experience and a solid demonstration reel with many notable stories and personalities on it did not matter. The experience and maturity I brought to the table ironically seemed to work against me. The industry has swung toward the younger generation now populating its ranks, people with perhaps great technical skills but often lacking in real world experience, maturity, and loyalty, among other things. I could have offered my own level of experience, of course, with the willingness to train in any additional necessary areas. Many of the jobs indeed indicated a willingness to train in areas such as motion graphics and social media marketing. I could even have mentored fellow younger colleagues if given the chance. Unfortunately, the chance never materialized.

In short, with no work and low wages, coupled with a blistering real estate market (median home prices went from $350K in Ada County in late 2019, to $508K by early 2021), we found ourselves looking at basically apartment living for the next few years.

That is NOT what we came to Idaho for.

The state is beautiful, an undisputed fact. But trying to make an actual living there proved impossible for us. So we made the decision to course correct and head back east. Our sights were on South Carolina.

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