This Palmetto State…

Two weeks ‘in state’, and I feel as if I’m home. Life has been a whirlwind of sorts. Moving is one of those traumatic life experiences that tilts you closer to an altered psyche. Add to this a complete career change, and a real ’tilt’ might happen.

I formed Sojourn Creative while in Idaho, the intent being to ‘pivot’ from the news/feature video arena to a more generic, need-based form of production. Real estate is booming these days, and the need for marketing has changed within the industry. Potential buyers almost expect a ‘narrative’ to accompany their home search. Some agents are quite savvy with their on-camera skills. It says something about our visually driven society. iPhones and reality TV, coupled with YouTube, social media, and (sorry) our own innate narcism have radically changed video over the past few years. Throw in the pandemic, and necessity becomes the mother of invention. Video now is a big deal.

But I digress. This Palmetto State… So far my interaction with this oasis of sanity has been limited due to the moving and career thing mentioned above. When not training for the new job, I’ve been examining new dwellings with the wife and kids, seeking to determine where we might finally find rest from our sojourns to and from The Great Basin (Look that up. Then look and see where Idaho is in it).

We have been able to get out and experience a bit of Greenville. Any new visitor here should start with Falls River Park in downtown. The downtown area has been splendidly revitalized and turned into a cheerful hub of social activity, the pandemic notwithstanding. Beautifully apportioned architecture blended with precise yet elegant landscaping result in an atmosphere of urban tranquility for all to enjoy. Cutting through this is the Swamp Rabbit Trail, a 19-mile greenbelt of well-managed parks and by-ways that follows the Reedy River through Greenville County from north to south. We’ve had a few chances already to enjoy some walks on some fine spring days along this public gem.

Since this site and blog are mainly about real estate photography and video, I mustn’t leave it out. On our second full day in our rental house, I took the opportunity to photograph the place for my new landlord. The house is old, but charming. It sits in a neighborhood near the old Dunean textile mill that pioneered the industry in SC and the South in general. Many houses surrounding ours are being restored, mixing their yesteryear charm with modern amenities. On my walks around the neighborhood I’m especially taken in by the majestic trees that adorn the area. If these trees could talk, or at least have an Entish relative or shepherd….

We hope to soon break out and see more of the Palmetto State. On the list are Columbia, where we hope to take a capitol tour; Congaree National Park, to experience it’s trails and natural beauty; and Cowpens National Battlefield Park, to satisfy my inner Gordon Wood (look him up to). For now, we continue to settle, and plan our next move…to (hopefully) permanent digs in Lyman, SC.

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