Seven (almost 8) months in….

Well, we arrived in SC from Idaho on April 9 of this year, setting up shop briefly in the Dunean area of Greenville, a historical mill district. The place did not lack for charm at all. The hundred-year old bungalows are tastefully updated and cozy. One would probably think “Gentrification” right off the bat, but the evidence doesn’t suggest it. Dunean still holds a diverse demographic of old and young, white and black, and retains what I felt was its essence: connected to the future while keeping one hand on the past. It was a bit of a time capsule!

In May we moved out and bought a place in Lyman. We were informed the real estate market in the Greenville area was competitive, and found that to be VERY true. We got started working with Stacy Jacobs of Blackstream/Christie’s, who did an excellent job helping us find a place that fit our needs. Some places we looked at the property with another couple….at the same time! Sometimes multiple cars were outside when we came out of a house, with prospective buyers anxiously waiting. But we finally landed a place in Lyman, and began the process of putting down roots.

My “day job” is insurance, specifically sales and service with an agency based in the Denver area..yeah, I’m fully remote! The new place features four bedrooms…one that is now my office. It’s great to have some space to work, and also store books and momentos from my previous life in photojournalism. More on that in a later post!

We look forward to growing with the Greenville-Spartanburg community, and getting to know the unique history, culture, and people of our new home!

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