At Your Service

When you have need of something but require someone else to help you obtain or resolve that need, you hope and expect a certain level of service. Whatever it is you’re in need of, you expect to be treated as if your issue is front and center. You even allow the person giving you the service the benefit of the doubt, taking into account maybe others who were in line before you, supply shortages, or time of day. You are understanding but still expect a decent level of service or at least the knowledge that our issue is being taken care of.

None of us like shoddy service. And these days, service isn’t always there, due to supply and personnel shortages, or just overworked servers. So what happens when we don’t receive the level of service we expect? We go somewhere else, or we go without. Usually we can’t go without, so we go elsewhere. And until we find a level of service that meets our expectations, we keep looking. Very few of us give up.

There are many qualities that define customer service. Let’s start with Professionalism–you’re a pro at this, so you don’t get flustered or rattled. You control the situation, which leads to Patience–patience with your customer, who may be in a serious bind and YOU have to help them navigate out of it. In doing so you put People first–you empathize. Have a care! Give a toss! Put yourself in their shoes and let them know that you understand how they feel. And mean it. It goes without saying that price, quality, choice, and convenience quickly follow.

I’ve worked as a service agent for an insurance company. My job was to deal with customer issues relating to their policies. Sometimes issues were easily remedied. Other times the issue at hand required extra help and time. Regardless of the issue, the one thing customers wanted was attention. They were ecstatic when I called them back and addressed their issue. It was more than just empathetic. It was personal.

The work I do here at Sojourn Creative will always put the customer first. You will get the best product, and the best price, as quickly as possible. You are not a number or an object. You are a customer, and your issue is my issue. I seek a positive, one-on-one relationship that builds on professionalism, mutual trust, and transparency. If you don’t like something of my services, tell me. Professionalism means I can take criticism. Professionalism also means I will correct whatever’s wrong and deliver a final product that exceeds expectations. Oh, and learn from the situation.

I’m at your service.

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