Plan B

My family and I have been in the South Carolina Upstate for almost 2 years now. “Almost” meaning 2.5 weeks from today will be April 9, which will be the anniversary of us pulling in from a days drive from Nashville to our temporary digs in the Dunean area of Greenville. We had just driven […]

The Sojourner…

It was around this time last year my family and I were crossing the fruited plain. We had been in Idaho for the past eighteen months, attempting to make life happen there. Unfortunately, it seemed it was not to be, so we made the decision to turn right around and head back the way we […]

The Imposter

We’ve all heard of “Imposter Syndrome,” that state of mind that tells us we’re actually phonies while we try to pass ourselves off as experts. Forget about “‘experts”; we sometimes feel inadequate to the task, whatever it is, regardless of the FACT that we KNOW exactly what that task entails and that we CAN accomplish […]

Real Reels

There’s a new trend … or maybe not so new … making its way through social media. That trend is Instagram Reels. An answer to TikTok’s short-form video format, reels are all the rage for those utilizing Instagram for marketing purposes. Reels are¬†short, entertaining videos on Instagram where you can express your creativity and bring […]

Up There

It’s amazing how aerial video and photography alter your perspective. We humans weren’t made to fly. But we figured out how to in a myriad of ways. First, it was getting off a sand dune; now, it’s figuring out how to get to the next planet over. Not everyone is meant to get on an […]

Book review: Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell

This book is not exactly new, having been released quite a number of years ago. Like all good books, however, it retains a relevance that can’t be dated. It was recommended to me through a forum of photographers on Facebook. I wish I’d read it sooner. First of all, what exactly is an “outlier”? Gladwell […]

At Your Service

When you have need of something but require someone else to help you obtain or resolve that need, you hope and expect a certain level of service. Whatever it is you’re in need of, you expect to be treated as if your issue is front and center. You even allow the person giving you the […]

Seven (almost 8) months in….

Well, we arrived in SC from Idaho on April 9 of this year, setting up shop briefly in the Dunean area of Greenville, a historical mill district. The place did not lack for charm at all. The hundred-year old bungalows are tastefully updated and cozy. One would probably think “Gentrification” right off the bat, but […]

This Palmetto State…

Two weeks ‘in state’, and I feel as if I’m home. Life has been a whirlwind of sorts. Moving is one of those traumatic life experiences that tilts you closer to an altered psyche. Add to this a complete career change, and a real ’tilt’ might happen. I formed Sojourn Creative while in Idaho, the […]

Mid-Course Correction

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here, and I’m not sure if anyone is even reading this blog. But that’s ok! The blog portion of this site is where I pontificate, emote, and occasionally spew. Or think of it as inspire, instruct, and motivate. Anyway….I’ve moved from Meridian, Idaho, to Greenville, South Carolina. […]