Matterport 101

I recently had the opportunity to shoot a Matterport 3D tour of a home. I currently don’t own any 3D/360 degree camera, but was given access to one by Devon Fletcher of The Fletcher Group (Keller Williams Boise) for one of his listings. First of all, using the camera is a cinch. It’s made, I […]


The Christmas season is here again, having seemingly arrived with a thud this year due to Covid-19. It’s safe to say a lot of traditions and practices are not as we normally have imagined. But does it have to be that way? Has Christmas been stolen by that ultimate grinch, Covid-19? It’s easy to forget […]

Stage 2…

We are nine months into a two-week social lockdown due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus pandemic. You read that right. It seems like yesterday since the outbreak started, expanded, and the world did its utmost to control it by basically shutting down life. That was….March? Now it’s November. In the U.S., states were […]

Gig Worker

Ever ordered from DoorDash? Ever hitched a ride with Uber or Lyft? Maybe you’ve had your groceries picked up by Postmates. Stayed the weekend in an Airbnb. Or maybe you had a graphic or company logo created via Fivver. And let’s not forget real estate photos and video with OBEO or Vacasa. All of these […]

Election Day

It appears this election of 2020 is coming down to the wire. Either candidate may lose the electoral college by just a handful of votes. No doubt, either candidate may sue to change the results or to investigate perceived fraud in the counting process. Either way, it appears we’re looking at a repeat of the […]

Reformation Day

Today is not only Halloween, but also the day a German monk named Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses on the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, back in 1517. By doing so, Luther unwittingly started what became known as the Protestant Reformation. Luther’s action was originally meant as a protest against the Catholic […]